Wolves ft. Dylan xViciousx

from by Ashes



I’ve lived in sin since the day I was born.
Just another sheep that was stray from the herd.
Me against myself and haunted by wolves.
Scratching at my door they howl for more.
Grim wolves at my door.
I shiver and shake, when the lock starts to break.
I’m trapped in the corner, there is no escape.
They’re crossing the treshold, but they’ve made a mistake.
I unleash the beast that’s inside of me.
Mistaken for weakness, the tables have turned.
You’ve crossed the line and there is no return.
Survival of the fittest, there is no way out.
I’ve mastered the demons that haunts me at night.
So come on, bark, claw and bite. Show me all you've got.
Tonight's not your night.
The former me would've caved, gave in.
Now I am resistant, you will not win.
No more empathy for these wolves. As their teeth show, my pity for them dissolves.


from Lost in a Haze, released August 31, 2016



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Ashes Belgium

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